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Hick Joins Stapleton For PERA Transparency

We agree with the Denver Post that both the Guv (@hickforco) and Walker Stapleton (@walkerstapleton) deserve kudos for working together to petition the state Supreme Court to force PERA (Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association) to open the state’s pension fund … Continue reading

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“Matt Dowd: Filibuster Change Reflects Reality We’re in”

.@matthewjdowd (Matthew Dowd) was spot-on right this week with his analysis of not only the change in US Senate filibuster rules but of the total partisan trainwreck happening in Washington. No one is innocent — Harry Reid, McConnell, the president … Continue reading

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Quinnipiac Survey Doesn’t Look Good For Colorado D’s

It’s a LONG, LONG road to November 2014 (and forever to November 2016) — and the world can turn in a couple news cycles. Still, the D’s can’t be happy with the numbers from the latest Quinnipiac survey released this … Continue reading

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No “Grand Bargain” In The Cards

Excellent article in yesterday’s NYTimes explaining why hoping for a grand budget bargain (cut entitlements, raise taxes to get our fiscal house in order) is farfetched in the near term: And it’s not for the reasons most would expect. … Continue reading

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Hick Gets Gift From Hollywood

Congratulations Colorado Governor Hickenlooper…. nothing like a bunch of Hollywood C-listers giving you a hard time about fracking – (Celebrities Ask Governor Hickenlooper: “What The Frack?”) – timed perfectly with your announcement of well-received new air quality standards — to come … Continue reading

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Tampen Down Hyper Partisanship Through Redistricting Reform

Good story from Mara Liasson on NPR this morning reporting on the nascent but growing efforts across the country for redistricting reform for state legislatures drawing congressional boundaries. It’s no surprise that fewer and fewer congressional districts are competitive. When … Continue reading

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“Got Insurance?”: Goofy Ads, Lamely Effective Partisan Politics

Seen the “Got Insurance?” online ads produced by ProgressNow Colorado to encourage millennials to sign up for ObamaCare? Read more of the Post’s coverage of the controversial ads here: And visit ProgressNow’s grammatically-challenged web site url to see all … Continue reading

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