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Greg Orman: “While Senator Roberts won tonight, we didn’t lose.”

This was just the beginning. The independent movement grew stronger with an incredibly impressive showing by Greg Orman in the US Senate campaign in ruby-red Kansas against not just a three-term incumbent but the entire DC political machine. Onwards and … Continue reading

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Secretary of State qualifies Greg Orman for Nov. ballot

Secretary of State qualifies Greg Orman for Nov. ballot.

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New Jersey AG John Hoffman to NJ Independent Voters: Drop Dead

It is really interesting to watch as legal challenges to closed primaries begin to get traction… and to read the tortured explanations from elected officials about how and why they oppose equal voting rights for independents.  The coalition (which, … Continue reading

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Dr. Steve Shogan joins Colorado US Senate campaign: Hopes for a competitive independent candidate?

Independent Dr. Steve Shogan unexpectedly joined the Colorado US Senate race yesterday. He needs only 1,000 valid signatures to make the November general which should be no problem for a candidate with some means (like Shogan) to wave a checkbook at and … Continue reading

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No clear winner at 9News Colorado GOP Guv debate

9News just wrapped a midday GOP primary debate among Bob Beauprez, Mike Kopp and Scott Gessler (Tom Tancredo, as he promised he would do for all primary debates, went missing). Nuthin’ like scheduling a live 2 pm – 3 pm Thursday … Continue reading

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No Wave in ’14?… New Surveys Point to One Building… No Rising GOP Tide, But A Crashing Prez

So…. just a few short weeks ago there was a series of smarty-pants articles by Poli Sci whizzes telling us there was no tsunami building for 2014 midterm. I even posted a brief commentary agreeing that they were probably right… … Continue reading

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USC: Early Evidence Supports Effectiveness of California Election Reform

Out this week, an early analysis from the Schwarzenegger Institute at USC written by Prof. Christian Grose, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Southern California, on the effectiveness of California’s election fixes including redistricting and top-two primary reforms. … Continue reading

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